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I have two computers, home and work. The home computer runs Windows 7 Home Premium and work computer has Windows 7 Professional. Both have IIS7 installed on.

On the left hand side of the image you can see my home computer iis features on/off screen and on the right hand side my work computer's iis features. Sory for my home computer language is turkish but I matched corresponding items in english.

My question is why left side has only 4 security features whereas right side has 8. How can I add missing fetures?

enter image description here

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The difference is the version of windows 7 – Ramhound Aug 19 '14 at 20:35
Indeed. There's a fair gap between Win7 Home Premium and Professional which probably explains the discrepancy. – Michael Kjörling Aug 19 '14 at 20:37
You might want to check out IIS Express, although I don’t know if it supports these specific features. – Daniel B Aug 19 '14 at 20:50
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The IIS feature set in Home Premium is not the same as the IIS feature set in Pro.

So they are missing because you're using Home Premium. If you want domain-related and other advanced features for IIS, then you need a more advanced version of Windows (i.e.: Pro, or Server).

For a comparison list of available IIS features per Windows 7/2008 version, see this MS article: Available Web Server (IIS) Role Services in IIS 7.5.

Specifically, check the "Security Features" section which covers the exact features you are asking about:

enter image description here

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