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I keep getting email which was sent to a group but I need to reply to only one person. unfortunately I am a little trigger happy with the "reply to all" button and need to do something about it.

Is there a way to either:

  • ask for confirmation after pressing the "RTA" (reply to all) button
  • disable the RTA button
  • remove the RTA button
  • make the RTA button jump to the other side of the screen when the mouse goes over it
  • make the system "beep" noise when the mouse hovers over the RTA button
  • [you can see where this is going ...]
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Ok I'm adding an answer to my own question! Here is a solution how to prevent someone else from doing it.

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Well, I knew that Scott Hanselman was smarter than me... – outsideblasts Dec 8 '09 at 6:24

Erm, some random thoughts...

  • Use a post-it note. Either a reminder above the screen or a piece just the size of the RTA button to cover it up. Yes, might get in the way of other apps.
  • Use gmail or another email app. You can have messages sent from Outlook to gmail and (I think) reply via Outlook. The other interface might make you think more slowly about which button you want.
  • Maybe a filter/rule is possible. If the sender of the group message is always the same then, I dunno, "if recipient = personX, then don't send and show error message "Did you send to all, you crazy fool?""
  • Apply some other memory and learning strategies. Break up the automatic workflow somehow until you have trained yourself out of the habit.

None very convincing I'm afraid, but you might need some kind of "creative" solution.

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