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How can I insert my foto in the MATLAB GUI?

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Maybe this is a dumb question... is "my foto" some kind of app, or did you mean to say "one of my photographs/images"? –  gnovice Dec 7 '09 at 22:21

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I work for MathWorks and recently made a video about inserting an image into a MATLAB GUI. You can view the video on the MATLAB blog.

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This is one of many ways to insert an image in a MATLAB GUI:

function hello_world
fig1=figure(  'Name','Figure with a Background Image','Menu','none', ... NumberTitle','off','Unit','normalized', ... 'Position',[.45 .45 .1 .1]);
load mandrill
image(X);colormap(map); %   <-- Plotting the image in the background...
set(gca,'position',[0 0 1 1]);%   <-- It would be ideal to explicitly specify the axis handle here...
axis off; axis equal

button1=uicontrol(fig1,'Style','pushbutton','Unit','Normalized', ... 'Position',[.2 .1 .6 .4],'String','Close','Callback',{@action_Callback});

function action_Callback(~,~)
    % On an earlier version of MATLAB, type:
    % function action_Callback(a,b)
    % instead, for example...
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Can't say much with your description, but you'll want to look at

help imageview
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I wrote some lines of code for inserting an image into a MATLAB GUI without using the GUIDE.


This particular set of code does not look very clean, but does work, and does not require the Image Processing Toolbox. (The function "imshow" used in Doug's video requires the toolbox.)

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