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I just installed the latest Ubuntu (Karmic Koala) and thought that I could try out using KDE as my desktop for a change. I got it mostly set up to my liking, but there are certain applications which are from the gnome-side (gtk-based) which look ugly (e.g. synaptic). They use some default look and feel for their buttons and other widgets. How can I change their themes under KDE?

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install qtcurve (sudo apt-get install qtcurve). install gtk-chtheme. then choose qtcurve in system settings >> appearance >> style (windows decoration can also use qtcurve) run gtk-chtheme and choose qtcurve as well.

now your window themes are unified.


hint: in system settings >> appearance >> style there is a configure option. it allows you to configure lots of things. you can also use predefined styles, just check the 'options' in the down-left corner of qtcurve configuration. it wil apply to both qt and gtk :)

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Also, if you're changing font settings, make sure that you change it for both KDE and GTK. – supercheetah Dec 9 '09 at 13:33
Thanks! My desktop looks now a whole lot better. – auramo Dec 10 '09 at 9:56

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