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Not sure if this is possible in a .DOC (I hope it is). I have seen this done it .PPTs

I would like to include reference .XLS documents inside one .DOC file, doing an INSERT > FILE only inserts gibberish (encoding) and it is not what I want. Has anyone done this before?

I don't want a hyperlink as that would just refer to the file location.
To clarify I do not want to insert the contents of the file into the .DOC, I want the file icon, which would then be clickable and it would open in Excel.

Need to attach XLS files so that everything is together (I know I could zip all the stuff, but for presentation I would like it all in one file for easy review).

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Not sure which version of Office, but with Word 2003, you can do that as follows:

  • Insert -> Object...
  • On tab "Create from File" click on "Browse" and browse for your Excel file.
  • Check "Display as icon" (make sure "Link to file" is NOT checked).
  • Click "OK".

alt text

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+1 yep that did it, I was looking at insert Object but somehow missed that method. Thanks! – Jakub Dec 8 '09 at 16:23

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