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I want to upgrade the RAM on an old machine with a P4G8X+ motherboard. Currently, it has 2 512 DDR PC2700 sticks.

What's the best RAM I can use on this machine? I'm trying to upgrade my brother's old computer.


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this board features 4 slots (2x2 banks), each memory slot can hold DDR PC2700 - 333 MHz, DDR PC3200 - 400 Mhz (184-pin DIMM) with a maximum of 1GB per slot.

(according to

considering the price of older memory, i suggest to upgrade to 3 GB total, using 2x 1 GB PC2700 (matching the 2x 512 MB you already have), rather than replacing the lot with 4x 1 GB PC3200, which would set you back over $150. this would be quite an investment for such an old machine. :)

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I used to have the P4G8X motherboard. I had two 512 DDR2 at 266mhz and I had two 1GB sticks (same speed). I would assume the motherboard handles up to 1GB per slot because of the pair that I had and because of the time period when i had the board.

Best place to buy - depends geographically - if there are good places near you. Online : Newegg all the way! (or Tigerdirect if you're stuck...)

EDIT: PC2700 is just a name of the stick - the speed counts. if there is a similarly rated speed but the name is slightly different, that will work too.

Edit: Jakub disagrees with the previous edit. See his remarks and my response... ;D

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Umm.. hate to tell you PC2700 is the SPEED.. not a name => DDR-333 or peak rate of 2700MBs – Jakub Dec 10 '09 at 1:20
@Jakub - Right, names correspond to speed, but sometimes different PC-XYZ will share speeds – Moshe Dec 10 '09 at 1:24

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