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Hello I just updated my Vista computer to have IE8. Well, now I would like to have the standalone version of IE7 also.(to test for browser compatibility while creating websites)

So I downloaded it from here Well, the installer that they made gave me some error about a DLL procedure entry point. Downloading the actual IE installer directly(the 14M one) gave me a "Internet Explorer 7 is not compatible with this platform." This makes no sense because about 20 minutes ago I had a non-standalone version of internet explorer 7 running.

How can I get IE7-Standalone to run on my x64 Vista machine?

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If you've thoroughly read the website that you've provided (I've seen it before.) you would know that it doesn't work on Vista or 7 yet. That project is a bit behind.

The "Internet Explorer 7 is not compatible with this platform." is because it is an XP version (or older) of IE7. This is similar to copying the calculator program from Vista to XP or vice-versa. It's technically the same thing, but under the hood it's meant for two distinct OS's. Again, this has to do with the progress of that project.

Also, the Windows 7 XP Mode video explains that Using XP Mode is "the only way to run two versions of MS Office on the same machine." That would apply here as well - until that project that you mentioned is updated.

To answer your question: Use a virtual machine.

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ugh.. well guess just have to setup that old machine thats not being used to run IE7 then.. – Earlz Dec 10 '09 at 14:04

Two alternatives come to mind:

Expression Web SuperPreview.

Internet Explorer App Compat images.

Both way easier than wandering down into DLL hell! For your current issue you might just want to redownload the full IE8 package and get back to square one.

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+1 just run XP or Vista with IE7 in MS VPC, it's free – Molly7244 Dec 10 '09 at 1:27
Not if you don't have an unused license of XP – Earlz Dec 10 '09 at 14:06
The XP license(s) come with the application compatibility image(s). They're time-locked so you periodically have to get updated ones. – Chris_K Dec 10 '09 at 16:19

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