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I have tried dragging and dropping 642 pictures (less than 1gg) into a 2gg flashdrive. It stops at picture 511. If I use copy and paste there is no problem. It completes that task.
Is there a setting I can change in the computer to allow the task to work in drag and drop? Thank you.

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Put the pictures into a subdirectory, or reformat the drive to FAT32.

It sounds like your flash drive is formatted with FAT16 ("FAT"), which would be surprising but would account for a limit on the number of files in the root directory. FAT32 doesn't have that limitation and should be supported on all operating systems new enough to also recognize USB devices.

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+1. 512 is a FAT16 telltale; although FAT16 can be configured to allow more than 512 root entires, there's no reason not to use a better filesystem such as FAT32 on a flash drive. – bobince Dec 10 '09 at 12:30

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