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i've been struggling with this for a while now: i can't install greasemonkey on my firefox portable 3.5.5 :( it must be something with the latest update to 3.5.5. (i'm having win7 x64 ultimate)

upgrading greasemonkey didn't work so i completely de-installed it and then tried (no success):

  • installing greasemonkey via addons-dialog
  • installing .xpi manually
  • installing with "restart firefox" button
  • installing by quitting + restarting firefox

it simply just won't install / show up under addons. of course i de-activated all other plugins and started firefox as administrator.

any ideas?


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This has been covered in the GreaseMonkey-users mailing list several times. There is an open bug being used to try and understand the problem (which a few people have, but most don't).

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