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Is there any RedHat variant for desktops and FREE? If yes, is there any Wubi like tool that can be used to install from within Windows XP?

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The 2 main forks are Fedora and CentOS. You can use UNetbootin to configure an install over the internet or from an ISO. The configuration can be done in Windows, and once you reboot you will have a boot menu containing Windows and your Linux distribution. Choosing the Linux distribution will bring you through the regular installer. A great tutorial on the process can be found here.

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Yes, it's called Fedora now. No WUBI is an Ubuntu creation.

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I mean anything similar for Fedora. – RPK Dec 10 '09 at 11:16
Oh okay. Try Distrowatch's search page, there is an option to search distro's based on a particular one. – invert Dec 10 '09 at 11:51

If you want cutting edge stuff, Fedora is where RedHat does their technology previews.

If you want something more stable -- ie security and bug updates only, not new versions of things -- look into one of the rebuilds of RHEL. CentOS is a good place to start.

Fedora is updated with new stuff faster, but it also gets obsolete faster so you have to do updates. RHEL/CentOS is supported longer so you don't have to upgrade, but you'll find that the user-facing applications get long in the tooth.

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