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So I've finally got to the 300+ cycles with my MBP 2008's original battery. Apple is pretty much "on the money" too! I am at 79% Health and getting the Condition: Replace Soon warning.

So I went out to the closest Apple Store and bought a replacement. I would like to get the same lifespan out of my replacement if possible. My question is:

The battery comes with a 2 dot (green) charge on the indicator, should I put the battery in and let it run down and do a full recharge OR begin charging it immediately and then let it run all the way to empty and recharge?

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Apple pretty much has that one covered Battery Calibration

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Thanks Mark, I understand how calibration works, my question was more so from when the battery is new out of the box and which path to take. – ricbax Dec 10 '09 at 15:19
After researching this further ... calibration is the way to go even with a new battery. – ricbax Dec 10 '09 at 16:32

Drain it and then charge it.

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