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Ive got a few macs onto my domain and now im having a couple of issues with the GPOs, mainly none of them apply.

I didnt expect most of them to apply, certianly my MSI instalers and lockdowns but i was hoping that the documents re-direct would work.

Is it possible to write a script or is there a program that can pick up the documents redirect from a GPO and re-direct the macs home folder to there?

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If you had an OS X server you could use MCX settings in OpenDirectory to achieve results similar to GPOs. As it stands, the best solution I could come up with is use of a commercial Mac-GPO solution like this or this.

That said, if you're open to non-Group Policy methods for managing this, you could change the location of user home directories, or even try mounting the directory (I assume it's on a network share) and then using a symbolic link to point Documents there.

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Gonna write a script to sym link the home folder thanks – Arcath Dec 11 '09 at 9:12

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