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I have to review very, very long videos where there is very little movement. I am looking for a video player that can go up to speeds to 2x, 4x, 8x, 32x. I've tried VLC, Windows Media Player, Winamp. I can't seem to find what I need.

PowerDVD player (back in the day) could go up to 32x, but it's only for replaying DVDs.

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The VLC video player allows you to speed up and slow down playback of movies with the >> and << buttons.

There's no indication I can see of the amount of speed-up, and you may have to click the buttons several times to see a difference, but it does work.

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i've always used keyboard hotkeys (my keyboard lacks fast forward/rewind buttons). +/- for faster/slower, and i think 0 resets to normal. – quack quixote Jan 28 '10 at 7:15

You'll be wanting Media Player Classic- Home Cinema. Does the job nicely.

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Just to remark that not all videos can be speeded up - actually most can't.

It depends on the encoding format and the options used when encoding the video.

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Xbox media centre (all platforms) should do the trick.

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BSPlayer also enables you to change playback rate, up to 4x in increments of 1% (increase with F5, decrease with F6) or 10% (increase with Ctrl+F5, decrease with Ctrl+F6).

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