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I was trying to safely remove the SD card from my sister's "I" drive and instead of hitting "eject" I hit "safely remove hardware" and it deleted the entire drive! I'm freaking out. Is there a way I can recover the drive? I went into Device Manager and it's not there for me to try to enable. And when I put the SD card back in the drive, it doesn't read it.

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Some devices have both options and for some reason, when you choose Safely Remove Hardware it looses the drive letter (but does not format).

Sometimes just taking out and putting it back is enough, but it sounds like you have tried that.

Please try the following:

Go to computer management (Right click Computer / My Computer), then click "Manage"

"Expand Storage" > "Disk Management", and right click on the drive you wish to change.

Click on "Change Drive Letter and Paths" and click Add.

alt text

alt text

alt text

(Do Assign Letter, not mount in a folder!)

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William answer is correct. – IMS Studio Jun 21 '12 at 14:22

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