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While experimenting for this answer, I came accross the following messages in NTLDR:

  • Windows could not start due to an error while booting from a RAMDISK.
  • The RAMDISK options specified in boot.ini are invalid.
  • Windows failed to build a bootable RAMDISK image.
  • Windows failed to open the RAMDISK image.

Does this mean that Windows XP includes a RAMDisk? Does anyone know how to use it?

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Does this mean that Windows XP includes a RAMDisk?

Yes, it's a relic from the olden days.

Does anyone know how to use it?

You can use the dos based ramdrive.sys in Win XP by following these steps.

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You can set ramdisk options for booting from WinPE. ntldr is used to boot a full Windows installation as well as WinPE 1.0 (used with XP) over PXE, so it includes this functionality. It is not something that is used during a standard boot-up of an already installed operating system

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