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I share one iTunes music directory between 2 Macs through sftp mount disk. Every time some dated podcast files are automatically removed from one computer, that change can not be reflected in the other computer's iTunes library.

Are there any AppleScripts or Automator scripts or 3rd party software on Mac OS X that could automatically remove these invalid entries from the iTunes music library?

If any script/software could also scan the music folder and auto add new entries into iTunes library, it would be even better.

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There's quite a few great AppleScripts available at To remove invalid entries, you can use Super Remove Dead Tracks v2.1.

What it does:

Surveys iTunes for tracks whose files are no longer available (as indicated by a "!" next to their names) and removes them. Any playlists that subsequently contain no tracks will then be deleted. Progress is displayed every 500 tracks.

To scan for new tracks, you can use iTunes Library Sync (an Automator script):

  • Place the script in /Username/Library/Workflows/Applications/Finder (where Username is your username)

  • If the workflow directories don't exist, you have to create them manually.

  • When done, the script will be available to you with a simple right mouseclick (on some free desktop space).

  • Select Automator -> Synchronize Library and your done.

Note: When running this script for the first time, open Automator and disable the “Date Modified” rule because we want to add all the songs first. When done you can enable the rule again.

Both tools are freely available.


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thank you, i downloaded Super Remove Dead Tracks v2.1. it works! – imadcat Dec 16 '09 at 1:23

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