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i find out, that in Karmic Koala is already package realy containing GGears, but it somehow seems it's not supposed for Chrome/Chromium, but only for Firefox.

Is there some way to enable gears under Chrome/Chromium since i installed the gears package?

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Currently, there is no plan to support Gears under Chrome/Chromium, the devs have mentioned that they will use HTML5 local storage capabilities instead of Gears.

No current plan to implement this.

Gears overlaps with a lot of HTML5 (since many HTML5 features are derived from Gears). Current plan is to skip Gears and go directly to HTML5 implementations within Chrome.

(Getting Gears as is to work in Linux Chrome sounds like a lot of effort, for various reasons I don't fully understand. Depending on how quickly the HTML5 stuff happens, we may revisit this decision.)

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