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i would like to know how to disconnect a persons computer from a local network when i have admin priviliges on the modem, the computer i wish to disconnect is connected to the modem by a LAN cable, im using "D-link Dir-300"

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You have a few options

  • Check for a feature called MAC filtering. You can block access by MAC address. I'd suggest doing the opposite though and only allowing certain MACs. This way, MAC spoofing won't work, unless they spoof one of your device MACs (which would cause conflicts and probably refuse connection anyways).

    alt text

  • Check for an access control feature. It works similar to MAC filtering but you can specify which parts of the network are blocked, and optionally log all attempts:

    alt text

  • Physically unplug the network cable

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Your answer is very detailed, and much apreciated =) – Meiko Dec 18 '09 at 20:50

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