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I have this problem where, in any application, 95% of the time when i try to save it pops up with a "Save As" dialogue. And if i try to select the original file i get an error popup "The operation could not be completed".

I have Windows 7 RC 64bit with a X-25M SSD. I have upgraded the firmware for the SSD just in case and still the problem persists.

Has anyone come across this before or know the problem?

Or is there some indication i should be looking for in the event logs?


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ive also asked here… but it was suggested that i post here – Tariq Dec 14 '09 at 2:00
Check your event logs for any disk failure in the system / application log. – Andrew Keith Dec 14 '09 at 7:59

In Windows 7, you may not be able to save to certain directories (such as C:\Windows, C:\Program Files, etc.) unless the application is run as an administrator.

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its saving to a folder under c: that i have created. It would reject me all the time and not most times if that were the case. – Tariq Dec 14 '09 at 22:29

You are saying that you are trying to save to a folder that you have created.

  • But under which circumstances did you create this folder?
  • As an administrator?
  • With which user account are you running the applications?
  • Have you tried to run the application as an administrator? If so, what is the result?
  • Has somebody else saved the current file with other permissions than your current account?

My guess is that it is a permissions issue. When the Save As dialog pops up instead of saving the file, most certainly the current file can't be opened/saved. Probably because of permissions and/or the file is read only or locked. Download and run SysInterals procmon, filter on your file name, and watch what the result is when saving the file.

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