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In NoteTab Pro, I could use tabs and returns in the find and replace dialogs by using ^t and ^p.

Now I have switched to Komodo Edit which is much more powerful, and I can't find any way to search for these characters.

For the moment, I am not using regular expressions -- just regular find and replace.

Is there an equivalent functionality to, for example, replace all ,returns with ;returns? Or all tabtab" with tab'?

If it's necessary, I can use regular expressions.

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Use \t for tabs and \n for end of line characters (if on Windows that may need to be \r\n for end of line if the file in question is using DOS/Windows-style end of line characters).

Note as well, if you just want to match something at the end of a line but not match the end of line character itself you can use $.

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Don't know how I missed your answer. – Andrew Swift Nov 21 '11 at 8:42

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