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I'm considering picking up a Blu-ray drive for a PC that will be used as my home entertainment center, but ideally, I'd like to keep a Linux based OS.

Are there currently any players in the Linux world able to decode and play Blu-ray (preferably with menus, but I know that took a while with DVDs, so it may be the same with Blu-ray).

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Yahoo! could help:

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I think he's looking for a software solution integrated with something similar to Boxee or XBMC. That guide alone makes it sound like it can be challenging to play many discs. – Will Eddins Dec 14 '09 at 15:28
Will: It would be nice if Matt has provided this information. – guerda Dec 15 '09 at 9:06
Thanks Will, and furtelwart, you're right. I should have been more clear. Thanks. – Matt Simmons Dec 15 '09 at 17:26
Is your question answered? Do you need more information? – guerda Dec 16 '09 at 10:17

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