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Is it possible to have Windows 7 perform simple calculations in the "Search programs and files" text box that pops op when you press the 'start button' (or press the windows logo key)? Perhaps using some sort of plugin?

I am looking for similar behavior like spotlight (Mac), launchy (Windows) or quicksilver where you can type e.g. 5+3 and it will give you 8.

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You could just download Command Line Calculator into your path (e.g. c:\windows) and then just type "clc 5+3" in the run menu.

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+1 for a nice utility. – Molly7244 Dec 18 '09 at 2:01
A shame the Windows build-in calc.exe utility doesn't support this operation in Windows'Run menu. – Rabarberski Mar 24 '14 at 13:39

No, it is not possible. You will have to look for a separate program to do this. Why not just use Launchy?

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If available, any build-in solution is to be preferred over extra programs or utilities. I was a huge fan of all these little utilities but I've come from that: they require updating, might become incompatible with the next OS upgrade, are not available on someone else's computer and need to be installed after every reinstall of an operating system. – Rabarberski Dec 18 '09 at 9:45
Fair enough. I agree with you, but unfortunately you cannot do this without resorting to third-party applications. – Sasha Chedygov Dec 19 '09 at 0:42

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