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I have a gizmo account which I would like to use on my n900. So far, I really like the device, the wifi/3g connection seems to be reliable albeit weaker than the n810. Despite it having a weaker signal strength, call quality (with Skype) has been superb so far.

I would like to get gizmo up and running as gizmo uses sip and can be used with google voice.

I am unable to login to the gizmo server:

I tried both my username and the 1747 number to no avail.

SIP is SIP right, so what else could I be missing to setup my SIP account on the n900?



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I figured it out - I checked out the gizmo website under Nokia and found the settings I needed for this phone:

username: 1747 ...
password: password obviously

advanced settings
username: 1747 ...
transport: auto
outbound proxy:
port: 5060
discover public address: checked
loose routing: checked
keep-alive mechanism: auto
keep-alive period: auto
auto-detect stun: checked

That was it and I was connected. I must say, the call quality so far is crystal clear compared to skype, but then again, that was just one call. The latency also appeared to be much much lower.



Just for clarification, these are the full settings:

Gizmo/Sipphone for Nokia N900.

User name:
Transport: Auto
Outbound proxy:
Port 5060
Discover public address: checked!
Loose routing: checked!
Keep-alive mechanism: auto
Keep-alive period: auto
Auto-detect stun: NOT checked!
STUN server:
STUN port: 3478


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