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I need a tool to clean and shred temp files from any browser session. I have tried eraser but is there a better tool out there that requires less manual job scheduling?

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CCleaner. It allows you to choose how many times to overwrite the files it deletes.

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I vote +1 to CCleaner – Click Ok Jul 19 '09 at 1:25
Another vote for CCleaner. You can use the built in options to have it run when you log in, etc, and I am also pretty sure you can run it from the command line (for the purposes of scheduling a task). Not sure on the last one however. – EvilChookie Jul 19 '09 at 1:27
Dan's right. Go to Options > Settings, and you should have options for Normal File Deletion, and Secure File Deletion, which includes options for DOD (3 passes), Gutmann (35 passes), and NSA (7 passes). – Isxek Jul 19 '09 at 1:59

Use IE8 with inprivate browsing (AKA Porn mode)

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Just don't forget about this:… – KovBal Jul 21 '09 at 14:42

You could download SDelete and run a Scheduled Tasks at a regular interval to delete the temp browser files.

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