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I am looking for a GTD (getting things done) tool, which there is a OS X and an iPhone app available. I don't want any web based stuff, but native applications. The Mac application needs some functionality for synchronization with the iPhone app.

Are there any GTD apps, which fit my requirements?

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I use Things

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Things looks and works nice, but a huge drawback (dealbreaker for me) is that the synchronization requires you to open the app on both your iPhone and Mac, and have them be on the same network just to synchronize items. And even that typically doesn't work in my office environment. – Eelco Dec 3 '10 at 19:13

My understanding is that OmniFocus is literally a GTD implementation and it has an iPhone app.
I use Things as my to-do list which syncs over wifi (same network) with its iPhone app.

For productivity, the Pomodoro technique seems to be getting popular. There is a new book, Pomodoro Technique Illustrated, from the Pragmatic Programmers. There are some mac apps to use with it including Pomodoro Desktop. I am not sure about iPhone apps, but the technique primarily relies on a 25 minute timer and every iPhone can do that.

UPDATE: There are several free and paid iPhone apps for the Pomodoro technique including Pomodoro Timer (iTunes Link).

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I use OmniFocus.

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Informant for the iPhone has a task list that is switchable to the GTD style. i'm really loving it, but i'm also an avid Google calendar user. Google also has a task list in beta in their calendar. so far the tasks are not yet subscription based so i can't see my Google tasks on my iPhone *Informant* calendar, and i can't see my GTD tasks created in Informant on Google calendar. i'm sure its only a matter of time.

the great and powerful thing about Informant is that it gives you an interface almost identical with Google calendar, especially the month view. i love love love it.

i'm sure eventually they'll get the task's synced and then your Getting Things Done problem will be solved.

by the way, i also use Things on the iPhone--it is a spectacular task list app. it is my favorite, but does not yet integrate with Informant or Google calendar. someday soon i hope. i have contacted them.

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I like Remember The Milk and Evernote.

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As both of these tools are not specifically meant for GTD, it would be helpful for you to explain how they integrate with GTD. – Sridhar Ratnakumar Aug 6 '10 at 20:11

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