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Question from one of the sales guys and I don't have a ready answer for him..

You know how IE8, by default, offers to save passwords? Right after submitting username and password it prompts with "Do you want Internet Explorer to remember this password?" Typically he says yes. Once, for one site, he said No.

Now he'd like to undo that "No" answer. Is there a way to do that without resetting or clearing all previously saved data?

To be clear: The option to save usernames and passwords is still checked/enabled in the AutoComplete settings dialog. The "Save that for you" prompt is still alive and well on any other page. Just not the one that he once said No to and wants to change.

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According to Google, this can only be done by changing settings in the registry, check the step by step guide here : How To Force Internet Explorer To Save Web Site Password After Answering No

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Ugh. I was hoping for something a bit more end-user friendly :-) But, in a pinch, that looks just clever enough to work. Thanks. –  Chris_K Dec 15 '09 at 15:19

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