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HI All,

I have two identical seagate 7200.9 500Gb drives confiured as a RAID 0 spanned disk in windows.

One of the drives has lost power and wont spin up at all.
I know this normally means death for the data on both drives but i have a cunning plan..


Copy the working drive (disk 2) data to a third 500GB DISK (disk 3), remove the logic board from the working disk (disk 2) and replace it with the non working logic board on the broken drive (disk 1) , then hopefully recreate the RAID 0 with disk 1 and disk 3, just long enough to get the data off it.

Hope this makes sense, here are my questions:

Windows disk manager atm recognises disk 2 but wont let me access it in anyway, therefore copying the data off it (or getting a disk image) cant be done in windows.

  1. Does anyone know of any software (in linux or self booting) that would allow me to access this disk?
  2. Anyone know of any software that will recreate the spanned drive off two disk images
  3. Am i missing any key information that means i definitely shouldn't even bother starting this, i know its a long shot anyway but its worth a try unless i definitely cant do it.

The irritating thing is that i am sure its a logic board failure on disk 1 as it simply wont power up at all, suddenly no signs of life, so i am sure the data is intact!

Any help would be really appreciated!


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I doubt it will work. I sent off a drive (in the same condition) to the professionals and they're battling to restore the data - and that wasn't even part of a RAID 0 set. Your lesson here is to avoid striping unless you have a mirror. It's just not worth it without a backup. –  user3463 Dec 15 '09 at 7:46

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While this plan is cunning, I doubt it will work. You will have hard time convincing RAID to access disk it didn't saw before. I have doubts that even another logic board will work.

You may be able to get broken hard drive to get spinning, but I doubt that (with different logic) board, it will get recognized at part of RAID.

Only chance that I see is copying data with dd to bigger (1 TB) disk, moving board to broken disk and repeating dd there. After that it is matter of RAID controller documentation on how exactly data was stored (usually it is just sequentially with 64K or bigger blocks). That should help you to order your block as they were. Once that is done, you should use dd again in order to write it back to disk.

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Thanks for the answer, i have heard this "dd" mentioned a few times, can you give me more info please? What's its full name and where can i get it? Thanks Again –  Fred Dec 15 '09 at 10:38
Wikipedia says that dd stands for "dataset definition" (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dd_%28Unix%29). It is command line tool available in any Linux distribution. P.S. Until 1 minute ago, I had no idea what dd means. :) –  Josip Medved Dec 15 '09 at 11:59
Haha fair enough, ill admit that i actually wikipediaed (is that a verb) just after i said it too. Not exactly an expert now but for lack of a better idea i think ill give you suggestion a go, thanks for the help and ill post the results up for anyone else to see. –  Fred Dec 15 '09 at 12:37

Why juggle data? Why not just move the logic board from the spare drive and put it on the dead drive and see if you can get it to spin up?

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