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I use Windows 7 sync (offline files) to synchronize my laptop with a server work folder.

However, sync center is giving me "sync conflicts" on the .tmp files created by Excel and Word etc. It is not a major deal breaker, but still annoying. Is there any way to disable syncing of these files?

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Well, you could never actually sync them, but you can disable the message!

Hmm.. there was an ExclusionErrorSuppressionList in XP.. not sure if it applies, but check here:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Never had much success with that TBH!

But this does the trick, it tells the syncer not to notify unless there is an error!

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



NOTE: The KeepProgressLevel Value Name can have the following data values:

1 - Pause on errors.

2 - Pause on warnings.

3 - Pause on errors and warnings.

4 - Pause and display INFO.


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