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Making bookmarks in Firefox has become tedious.

Can any one point me to a bookmarking extension that works as follows...

  • Decide you want to bookmark a page
  • Left click your way to the target bookmark folder
  • Right the target bookmark folder to get a "Bookmark this page here" option. (It is this "Bookmark this page here" add on that I am looking for)
  • (Edit the book mark title tags etc)
  • Click done

Currently you have to:

  • Decide you want to bookmark a page
  • Click on the bookmarks menu pulldown
  • Click on "bookmark this page"
  • Click on the "folder" pulldown
  • Click on "Bookmarks tool bar" or "Bookmarks menu"
  • Left click your way to the target bookmark folder (in a teeny window that that doesn't move the focus as you expand folders)
  • (Edit the book mark title tags etc)
  • Click "Done"

That would be four (or five) steps to replace the seven (or eight) steps to make a bookmark in an existing folder.

@Chris I assume you are referring me to "Read It Later"

I'll take a look.

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What's wrong with Control and D? – Phoshi Dec 15 '09 at 16:03
Ctrl-D only replaces the "click on the menu pulldown step" – Kije Dec 15 '09 at 16:51
Why can't you use the star on the rights side of the address bar? – sirlancelot Dec 15 '09 at 17:02
@SirLancelot - Um - I didn't know about it. When I tried it, it did work, but forces the bookmark into the bookmarks root folder - way too cluttered in there. – Kije Dec 15 '09 at 19:45
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It works simpler:

  • Navigate to the folder you want to place the bookmark in
  • Drag the Page-Icon from address bar to the folder
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An exact functional equivalent of what I was looking for. Thanks for the tip. – Kije Dec 15 '09 at 16:53

I love Delicious it can replace firefox bookmarking (folder by folder) it uses tag then you can manage it easily.

I myself can bookmark my current page in 3 steps. and in other hand can find easily my desire page. you don't limited to 1 folder you label it (taged it) as many as you want then you have 1 page in many folder (tag)

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