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Again I am looking for a ready to use software that can help me to encrypt any upload or download made from the internet?


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You might need to explain a little more about what you want to use it for. But here a few options I've used and can recommend.

  • GnuPG (based on PGP) is a fairly common standard for public/private key encryption over the internet. A lot of web hosts support it so you can encrypt/decrypt things on their servers.
  • TrueCrypt creates encrypted volumes (fixed sizes only, however)
  • Pismo File Mount - one of my favourites. Creates encrypted files that can be mounted easily as folders in Windows
  • FlashCrypt - simple right-click to encrypt a folder

Of course, there's always HTTPS/SSL which encrypts any transfers between the server and your web browser (but files themselves won't be encrypted on server).


TrueCrypt is free and cross-platform. I find it useful for creating encrypted volumes to hold sets of files with sensitive information - especially on my laptop.


Also check out FreeOTFE for creating encrypted volumes.


TrueCrypt. Follows the "KISS" philosophy: Keep it simple, secure. Wait...maybe that's not it.