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I'm interested to know which Linux distribution the upcoming Google Chrome operating system will be based on. Does anyone know?

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Such details have not been released yet. Most probably it will not be based on a particular Linux OS, but they will start from scratch using the Linux kernel

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Yes, and considering that they will use their own windowing system (replacing X), I don't see how can they base it on any particular distro. – hasen Aug 8 '09 at 4:41

Google's Chrome OS is based on Debian. See this article.

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Dead link. Is there an archived copy somewhere? – waldyrious Feb 20 '14 at 22:15

Google initially used Ubuntu for Chrome OS, but began a switch to Gentoo in early 2010. Versions today currently use a Gentoo-based backend (which supplies the kernel, drivers,, etc) which Google has customized to use Chrome in the traditional window-manager role. Please see this post.

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They'll probably roll their own. They don't have to base it on any other distribution, and they have the resources to do it.

Edit: Having said that, Google apparently produce debmarshal, which manages local releases on top of a .deb repository (Debian, Ubuntu, etc). Food for thought.

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