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I am sure that most people know of the Mobile Me feature offered by Apple that you can use the gps in your lost/stolen iPhone to find it via a web interface. My question is, is there an alternative to this? Like could i use google latitude and set an account solely for the purpose of locating my iPhone?

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There are two alternatives that I know of:

  1. Cylay (requires jailbreak)
  2. GadgetTrak for iPhone (a proof of concept, doesn't really compete since it needs the app to be running all time to broadcast the correct location)

As you say, you could use a third party location service like Google Latitude, Yahoo! Fire Eagle or Brightkite, but those would only save the last position upon user request, there's currently no client for those services that would run in the background and automatically update your coordinates.

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I should have mentioned that i was looking for non-jailbroken iphone solutions, but thanks for that recommendation. – Dostee Dec 16 '09 at 22:24

I actually found an iPhone app that shows some potential in solving this issue (location tracking) without need to jailbreak or subscribe to Mobile Me. Check this article out about an app called Loopt that apparently has a small amount of background processing ability that allows it to track iphone location realtime without the app in foreground. I am going to test this on my drive home today to see if it does update. It's quite possible though that since this article is a couple months old the good ol' fascist... i mean, folks at apple might have axed this already.


Turns out that Loopt has turned this into a pay service :( or at least that is what a couple articles I read have cited. When I logged on after my drive home the location hadn't changed.

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That's right. It is not running in the background, but getting your location directly from AT&T. That's why it's a paid service. – Sidnicious Dec 17 '09 at 2:46

Since 3rd party apps can't run in the background, or override settings like the ringer being silenced, doesn't seem like this would be possible on the current platform.

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