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Although I have found this question here in Super User I'm not satisfied with answers there

Is there any secure way, in Windows XP, to hide the recycle bin from the desktop. I find it very scary (and also difficult and boring) to edit registry keys.

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I always do this .. I have found this as a very secure way than editing registry keys ..

Click Start, Click Run, Type GPEDIT.MSC, Press Enter

select User config (click on "+") select Administrative Templates, click on Desktop

In the window @ right side .. Find Remove Recycle Bin Icon from Desktop

Double click on it, you can see a new window now ..

Select Enable option, Press OK.

Go to your desktop .. refresh it .. Recycle bin disappears ..

very important:
to retain your Recycle bin .. select Not configured instead of Enable in above steps ..

hope it helped ..

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congrat. for your first accepted answer :) – user8228 Dec 16 '09 at 18:35

This is a tool from microsoft that will help you..

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Do NOT use that kind of link. Your next answers should be without this kind of self advertising, or your account will most likely be suspended. – Gnoupi Mar 24 '10 at 13:44

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