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If Google chat can be integrated over http:80 seamlessly in the gmail interface in Chrome, why can't Messenger? Is it a play on Microsoft's part to prevent novice users from moving away from IE?

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Web Service Meebo does exactly that. Microsoft simply doesn't see it as something that's worthwhile.

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It can be, see MSN Web Messenger.

Once you sign in, you see a list of contacts.

To actually use it as MSN Messenger, click on sign in on the drop down menu in the top right:

alt text

You can then use it to chat to people on a standard web page (Port 80 (or 443))

alt text

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Did you take these screenshots from Chrome? That doesn't work at all for me for some reason. – Kaiser Advisor Dec 16 '09 at 21:33

You can also try (it has GTalk, MSN, Y!, AIM and ICQ).

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