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I'm looking for an FTP client that can connect to two different FTP servers at the same time and allow file transfer or synchronization between those two servers. Basically what I want to achieve is to transfer/synchronize files between 2 different sites from my local machine. Are there any clients around that support this functionality? If there are none, is there an alternative to achieve this?

I've taken a look at net2ftp, a web based FTP client, which provides almost the same functionality that I need. What I'm looking for though is a desktop app. Any ideas?

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Here is a Windows FTP client comparison evaluating FileZilla, FlashFXP, and SmartFTP. – Mike Eng Jan 17 '12 at 16:13

Total Commander allows multiple concurrent FTP sessions.

you can sync/compare files and folder and of course copy/move from one server to another.

Totall Commander is shareware, try before you buy.

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You should try FTP Expert, best FTP software ever in my opinion.

It seems it is now called Ace Ftp.

Conduct server-to-server file transfers
Perform local-to-local file transfers
Open several FTP sites simultaneously

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This looks pretty neat. Definitely something I would consider if I can't find a free alternative. Thanks a lot Damien. – oninea Dec 17 '09 at 11:15

If the servers supports it you can use the File eXchange Protocol (FXP).

FlashFXP supports FXP.

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Correct, but note the if -- not all servers support it (or have it disabled)! – Arjan Jan 16 '10 at 17:52

Transmit (Mac OS only) supports multiple concurrent connections and FXP for direct server-to-server transfer. It has a great UI as well.

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For Windows, there is SmartFTP. Their features page lists:

FXP (Server-To-Server Transfer) support

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