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Is there a way to create a direct link to a file on an internal network share on Mac OS X. In windows you can do this with file://filepath, but I can't find a solution that works on Mac

Thank you

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It works great for me when using file:///path/to/file . Note the three slashes, two for the file "protocol" and one as part of the path.

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I'm unclear exactly what it is you want to do. You say, "local network share", but the example you give suggests a link to a local filesystem, rather than a network share (and Karl's answer demonstrates this latter functionality).

I believe it is possible to link to a network share in windows, with a URL such as:


That's "file://" + "//servername/share/").

You can accomplish the same thing on OS X using an smb: URL. For example, the link equivalent to the previous example would be:


Clicking on this in Safari does exactly what you would expect (connects to the network share and opens a window in the Finder).

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