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I was given an old (box-like) monitor (Flatron 775FT), and it's better than my current one as far as differentiating shades of black goes. The only problem is that the text is a bit blurry... Is there a way to solve this?

edit: It's only blurry near the right and left edges of the screen..


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A CRT can be blury if the grid becomes magnetized. If your monitor has a degauss control, then activating it will fix the problem.

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Yeah I tampered with something called degauss.. No improvement. – Shawn Dec 18 '09 at 3:08

i found an archive at this website, containing various manuals, schematic diagrams (PDFs) and an 'adjustment program' for the LG Flatron 775 FT

the archive is split in 4 parts (RAR), look for Flatron 775FTFB775BC.part1.rar and the 3 following parts, download is free.

hope this helps.

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Looks good, I'll check the link out when I get a second or more. – Shawn Dec 18 '09 at 3:09

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