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I've started to convert my DVD collection to Ogg Video (OGV) and it works so far quite good. However, I heard that I can embed the subtitles inside the OGV-file as well.

How can I do this on Linux?

On Windows there are several applications but on Linux not so much. Any examples would be appreciated.

Edit: I have the original VOB of course.

PS. No, I don't give out my movies. Don't even ask. I paid for them, not you. :)

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Small suggestion: if your video players handle Matroska container, use it instead of OGV. You don't have to reencode movies, and some corner cases are handled better; f.e. subtitles encoding in OGV is not defined, and in Matroska it is always forced to be Unicode. – liori Mar 21 '10 at 21:20

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I've used several subtitles editors on Linux: gnome-subtitles, Ksubtile and KDVDAuthor mostly. In all cases, I've kept my subtitles as .srt files and then added them to the DVD when authoring.

As for embedding subtitles in a video in ogv, this link should probably help you.

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