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When I first installed NotePad++ it created a short cut (shell extension) to allow your to right click on a file and choose "Edit with NotePad++".

It actually was there and I installed the "e" trial and my "Edit with Notepad++" shortcut went away. I have since uninstalled E.

I have also uninstalled/reinstalled NP++ but that still didn't bring the shell integration back.

I also found a blog entry where someone said the the SCiTE editor messes this up to. But, I don't have scite installed.... at least it isn't on my add/remove list.

Can anyone tell me why this might not be working any more?

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I installed the NotePad++ version 5.6.4 today and the right-click shortcut is now there. I'm going to assume this was an installer error on the version I was installing before.

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