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Does anybody know how to change the icon in the firefox search box to a custom made icon? For example if I wanted to change the google icon that is next to the google search box(or wikipedia, ebay, yahoo, bing, youtube, superuser :], etc), how would I do this? Is there a place where the file for this icon is stored that I can just modify? Could I change where firefox looks for this icon using about:config, userchrome.css, or some other way?

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I haven't tried it out, but here is a link where you can create your own search plugin with your own custom image: http://www.scriptsocket.com/firefoxplugins.php

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See this article : Update Firefox’s search bar with new Google favicon.

The data in the article and (especially) in the comments will tell you how to change this favicon to any 16x16 image, and also contains links to several such images.

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