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I want to find all domain names that were resolved for a specific IP.

How to do such a search? There is any free service/tool for that?

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The one I find most effective in returning the largest number of domains at the moment is yougetsignal's. RUS-CERT's used to be better but has been moved and doesn't seem to return so much now.

(My emphasis is tracking malware domains, so I don't know if they are more or less effective for other sorts of job.)

This functionality (storing previously-looked-up domains for reverse lookup later) is sometimes known as ‘DNS replication’. ‘Reverse DNS’ generally refers to rDNS (PTR lookups), which only give you a single canonical name for an IP.

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GuerrillaDNS does that.

Ever been wondering how many domains your webhosting company hosts on a single server? Or do you want to keep track of your competitors new websites?

You can get this information with Our great free service to do Reverse DNS Lookups. It has never been easier to find out which domains are hosted on a particular IP or server.

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excelent, unfortunately the list is incomplete – Jader Dias Dec 18 '09 at 23:14


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partial list: free, full list is paid – Jader Dias Dec 18 '09 at 23:14

I think this can help you.

and this page help you find domain name ip.

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didn't work for me – Jader Dias Dec 18 '09 at 23:13

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