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I've got a USB hub with 4 ports, and I've plugged 2 usb keyboards and 2 usb mouses. They work very fine. I've setup'ed 2 monitors too, so I was thinking about the possibility of the mouse and keyboards works independent one of another. I want two mouse pointers (I think each with different colors) and 2 keyboard cursors.

I think it a nice idea, but I don't know if this is possible... :(

PS: My OS is Windows7

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You didn't say what OS... – marcusw Dec 19 '09 at 0:50
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WunderWorks' Teamplayer allows multiple mice/keyboards/tablets to work together on one computer, pricing starts at $14.95 (max. 5 users, for home use)

TeamPlayer is our simplest multi-user program. It gives you multiple cursors on screen. It's generic, so it works with any program. Simply hook up multiple mice to your computer and work together, using any application, also includes support for dual and multiple monitor setups.

Connect extra mice and keyboards to your PC.

Add a USB hub if you don’t have enough USB ports.

Download and install the software.

Double-click the TeamPlayer icon.

Multiple mice will appear.

Use your Left Mouse Button to take control.

Have fun!

alt text

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I googled and found a free driver that works for Windows

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