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Is there a Home Theatre device that will allow watching international interent TV on my LDC TV? I saw one once but I am not able to find it.

I am NOT talking about a Slingbox here.

Something like or TV.exe , but made as a set-top box for the livingroom.

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the FitPC2 might suit your needs:

alt text

Full-featured PC, tiny and power saving
Intel Atom Z530 CPU @ 1.6 GHz
Intel US15W chipset
160GB SATA harddisk, easily upgradeable
DVI Digital display interface, up to 1920x1080
HD Audio, line-out 2.0 / mic in / line-in
1000Mb/s Ethernet port
802.11g WiFi
Six USB 2.0 ports
miniSD and mini PCI Express sockets
IR receiver
Phoenix BIOS
Single 12V supply, 6W, fanless operation
Dimensions - 115 x 101 x 27mm
Runs Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Linux
Also available as SBC without enclosure

$380 at Amazon

or the Acer Revo, similar specification, better graphics (nVidia ION), pricing starts at $199 but larger in size and more power-consuming.

alt text

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... Looking at, it looks pretty cool - You could always get an ION / ATOM powered small form factor computer and link it up to your tv - use a wireless keyboard and mouse then actually visit those sites.

Also gives you a lot of flexibility for the future (thinking webcam, instant messenger etc.)

This is personally, what I would do.

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