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I'm looking for an open-source alternative to Kerio WinRoute. Specifically, I want the PC running it to act as a firewall, router & bandwidth manager. Of the features I'm looking to use are:

  • block/allow based on the usual set of tests (protocol, source/destination ip/port, etc)
  • NAT & port redirection
  • DHCP
  • allocate a a certain minimum amount of guaranteed bandwidth to every PC on the network
  • optionally, traffic stats doesn't have anything on either "kerio" or "winroute". Any ideas?

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I personally love and recommend Monowall.

*  web interface (supports SSL)
* serial console interface for recovery
      o set LAN IP address
      o reset password
      o restore factory defaults
      o reboot system
* wireless support (access point with PRISM-II/2.5/3 cards, BSS/IBSS with other cards including Cisco)
* captive portal
* 802.1Q VLAN support
* stateful packet filtering
      o block/pass rules
      o logging
* NAT/PAT (including 1:1)
* DHCP client, PPPoE, PPTP and Telstra BigPond Cable support on the WAN interface
* IPsec VPN tunnels (IKE; with support for hardware crypto cards, mobile clients and certificates)
* PPTP VPN (with RADIUS server support)
* static routes
* DHCP server and relay
* caching DNS forwarder
* DynDNS client and RFC 2136 DNS updater
* SNMP agent
* traffic shaper
* SVG-based traffic grapher
* firmware upgrade through the web browser
* Wake on LAN client
* configuration backup/restore
* host/network aliases
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That looks great, will take a closer look. – romkyns Dec 19 '09 at 17:14
The absence of what they call "bounce" is a bit of a problem. I host a bunch of servers and I like to access them both internally and externally on the same URL. They suggest some tricks with DNS, but I wasn't planning to host any DNS services... – romkyns Dec 20 '09 at 10:46
What you are looking for is NAT Loopback and I thought that it does support that :S – William Hilsum Dec 20 '09 at 12:01

i'm running a Smoothwall box, probably the most powerful open source firewall available, right on par with BIG $$$ commercial products, and yet it is quite easy to manage.

another excellent alternative is Vyatta Community Edition ("a powerful network appliance that can run circles around proprietary systems"), it features routing, firewalling, VPN, intrusion prevention, and WAN load balancing services.

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+1 for Vyatta Community Edition. – Joe Internet Dec 20 '09 at 13:41

I recommend IPCop available from

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Try untangle at . It can be installed on windows so you won't require a dedicated box like solutions above would require.

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Doesn't look like the right kind of tool for me - it doesn't say anything about routing for example. I am actually looking for something to run on a dedicated box and do NAT and DHCP and stuff, to replace the router rather than work alongside it. – romkyns Dec 20 '09 at 10:48 may be what you want. – Oracle2b Dec 21 '09 at 18:54
Untangle also requires two network cards. – Alan B Mar 4 '13 at 12:31

Besides other great products like IPCop and monowall, there's Endian FW, available as community edition.

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