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I have a text cell I2 and a text cell J2. I want cell K2 to be the contents of I2 concatenated with a newline and the contents of J2. How can I do this?

I2    J2    K2
big   dog   big

I've tried using Ctrl-Enter in various places and char(10) and char(13) to no avail. The newline always disappears.

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It looks like char(10) actually did the trick, but it's just not visible in the sheet. When the data from the spreadsheet is used in a mail merge later (for address labels), the newline is there!

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The behavior in general is fixed in OpenOffice 3.2: – Jim Hunziker Mar 13 '10 at 20:17

On Linux you can use:

=CONCATENATE("line 1";char(10);"line2")
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As Jim said below, you can do this in OpenOffice 3.2+ now. Worked for me on Windows OO 3.3. – DanM7 Jan 12 '13 at 22:06

Type CTRL+Enter in an unused cell, then in the formula for K2 use I2&(address of the cell with the CTRL+Enter)&J2

I stumbled upon it by accident (playing a hunch) and it displays correctly and prints correctly...

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