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I recently installed Fedora 12 on my machine. I think it's the fastest Fedora version I've used. But I was wondering whether I could make it run faster than it already is.

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What part of it feels slow to you? Or is this a really vague performance question? – Troggy Dec 20 '09 at 8:10
It's not slow. It's fast. I just want to make it faster in ways that is not possible with the default installation. – Randell Dec 20 '09 at 15:11

It probably feels sluggish because of the default desktop environment (GNOME) which uses a fair amount of memory. You can easily change your desktop environment though. I'd recommend Xfce for a full DE, or if you really want to use minimal resources, a lightweight window manager such as the *Box variants (Fluxbox, OpenBox, BlackBox), or xmonad or ratpoison on top of X itself would be good. It doesn't have to look horrifying either, here's a screenshot of openbox:

enter image description here

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