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I downloaded updates Service Pact 1,2 & 3.

Now when I put a DVD in the computer, my camera software comes up, and I can no longer send pictures by E-mail.

  • Do I have to uninstall software and re-install to fix a software problem? (Camera software)

  • Could I use "restore" to a previous date to solve other problems?

  • And finally if I install Windows 7 would that solve the burning disk problem plus a few other things?

OS: Vista Home Pemium
Model: HP Pavilion dv9000

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This may be the worst question title I've ever seen on these sites. Something like "I can't send photos by email" would have been far better. –  David Thornley Dec 20 '09 at 18:45

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as far as i know, there is only Service Pack 1 and 2 for windows Vista, not 3.

you can uninstall service packs:

How to uninstall Windows Vista service packs as a troubleshooting step

but this is rather a last resort, first i would re-install the program that is not working properly (e.g. the camera software), check the manufacturer's website and see if an updated version (or patch) is available.

if you let us know the name and version of the software, this might be a helpful bit of information too.

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You are correct, there is no SP3 for Vista –  Ivo Flipse Dec 20 '09 at 17:48
And you're right on the second part too ;-) Jim should reinstall programs he thinks aren't working or install another app that does the job. Uninstalling service packs is a waste of time –  Ivo Flipse Dec 20 '09 at 17:50

It seems that you are eager to install windows 7. So its better to install windows 7 and in this media center is the one where you can do your media or camera works can done in a simple manner.

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