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I'm in a terribly embarrassing situation. I have a Word document I created for about two month ago and because it was for an internal matter in my company, I locked it with a password.

I discovered today that I have thrown out the paper where the password was on. Now, it is not terrible hopeless because I can remember the numbers and the letters the password consisted of, but not the combination. Therefore, my thoughts are that maybe there is an application that can run through the different combination and maybe get a positive match.

An example of the password: I know that numbers are "123456" and I am almost 100 % that this is the right combination. But I can't remember if I started with the numbers or it was the letters, like "theord" and maybe I used one or two capital letters.

Hope that anyone can help me with this predicament. Thanks in advance and merry Christmas to all of ya'.

  • Emil
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This is not really a programming question. Try They seem to have their share of similar questions. – drozzy Dec 20 '09 at 14:40
Voting up because my understanding is that it is legal to do this when you own the document content. ie it's essentially authorised access. I just ran into the same issue with a colleague's document he lost the password for. – Highly Irregular Mar 5 '14 at 21:10
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Word password crackers exist; however, I will not link to one of them.
Google is your friend.

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