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Are there any 'advanced' routers that would do things like:

  1. store all urls visited or attempted to access on computers connected to the router?
  2. block certain urls
  3. whitelist urls

Does this exist or does one have to create a dedicated computer (prob. running linux) to do this?

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you're looking for an enterprise router, much cheaper to setup a spare box with Vyatta.

The Vyatta Community Edition (VC) is award-winning, Linux-based, open source software providing routing, firewalling, VPN, intrusion prevention, and WAN load balancing services, among others, for your network. When you run Vyatta on a standard x86 hardware system, you'll create a powerful network appliance that can run circles around proprietary systems. Vyatta also runs virtualized in VMware, Xen, Hyper-V, and other hypervisors, providing networking and security services to virtual machines.

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a router with SYSLOG (system log) feature can "store all urls visited or attempted to access on computers connected to the router"

and most routers come with a firewall witch you can configure to filter traffics to/from some IP addresses. or using OpenDNS for that.

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