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I get a regular email about our site's web stats from WebTrends, but it comes as a zipped attachment. I'm wondering if there's a simple way to have a rule run a script that will unzip the attachment and save it to a local folder?

I'm running Outlook 2003 SP3 on Win7 if that matters

Update: Thanks for the plugin options, but I was really hoping for a non-third party solution. Office supports macros & scripts & windows can unzip natively, there must be a way of firing a script that will do this?

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The EZDetach Outlook add-on can do this, but it's not free unfortunately:

EZDetach Features

  • ...
  • Zip / Unzip attachments on the fly.
  • ...
  • Automatically save attachments with Outlook rules (custom rule action).
  • ...
  • Compatible with Outlook 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007.
  • ...
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Attachments Processor for Outlook can do this and much much more.

Attachment Processor is a powerful multifunctional manager of attached files in the Microsoft Outlook messages.

The program can:

  • automatically extract attachments from the incoming messages and save them to your hard disk (extracted attachments are replaced in the incoming message with a link to the file on the disk or a text file with an attachment description as well and a link to it)
  • automatically pack the attachments by ZIP in the outgoing messages
  • create password-protected archives
  • automatically pack by ZIP all incoming attachments or only specific attachment types
  • automatically unzip all incoming attachments. Attachments Processor works in Simple and Advanced modes. In the Advanced mode the user can set up individual rules for processing attachments in different messages and folders.

Attachments Processor is shareware. Try it free for 30 days before considering a purchase.

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